Organic Meals

At Ohh!Daily we aim to make Organic food accessible to all.
Our meals are prepared from export quality genuine Organic ingredients sourced from USDA & APEDA certified suppliers!

What is Organic?

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The term "organic" refers to the process of how certain foods are produced.
Organic foods are produced through farming practices that only use natural substances. This means avoiding all artificial chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
Organically grown crops tend to use natural fertilizers like manure to improve plant growth.
Organic farming tends to improve soil quality and the conservation of groundwater. It also reduces pollution and may be better for the environment.

How does organic benefit?

Consuming organic foods may reduce your exposure to pesticide residues and antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
It is sad but true that an average Indian consumes 40 times more pesticides than what average Americans or English ingest with their food. - India Today

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Organic foods generally contain higher levels of antioxidants and certain micronutrients, such as vitamin C, zinc and iron (3, 4, 5, 6). Organically grown crops have also been shown to have lower levels of nitrate.High nitrate levels are linked to an increased risk of certain types of cancer. Organic food also tend to be more nutritious and kid friendly and have multiplying benefits in the long run. Ohh!Daily & Organic Ohh!daily promotes sustainable growth. Our grains, spices, flours, oils, vegetables & fruits are sourced from certified organic food suppliers all over India. These suppliers are USDA & APEDA compliant which makes the product genuine.

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Click here to download the list of all ingredients that we use for meal preparation.