Refund Policy


Once you have placed a bid request, and accepted a particular restaurant's bid, you will have to pay the advance amount to confirm the booking. Once booking is made, it is assumed the complete order will be processed, meals will be rendered and entire bills will be paid. If the order is cancelled after the advanced booking is made, the refund of the booking amount will be governed by the terms and conditions of the restaurant with which the order was placed.

Online ordering:

Once an order is placed online after confirmation, it is processed and payment would have to be made for the placed order. Due to any reasons (not from the restaurant's side) the delivered food is not paid for, the user would be accountable.

Flash Sale and bookings:

When the booking is made, the deposit that is given for the booking is only reimbursed if the user avails the booking. If cancelled, the deposited amount will not be refunded.


In the case of duplicate payments, the full refund will be provided. In case of any other payment issues, we would provide full support to the user to ensure a pleasant experience with Crispy

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